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Hi, I'm Ceanne !!!
I Create Superior Marketing Campaigns
I create Marketing Campaigns that will resonates with your target market, provide value, and develop  relationships with your consumers, and ultimately, get your tribe buying from you.
I've worked across dozens of industries to create results for my customers and I am excited to do the same for you. 

If you are interested in creating a sales funnel for your business that includes: 
  •  Sales Pages
  •  Opt-Ins
  •  Memberships Sites
  •  Webinar Creation
  •  Or any type of Sales Funnel 
Message Me and/or INVITE ME TO YOUR JOB !!! 
  •  I am also highly skilled in WordPress Development and Redesign.
hire me today to build a high quality funnel for you 
 Demo funnels:
Workshop Opt-In

Webinar Events

Real Estate Opt-In

Landing Pages

 Funnels for your business:
Insurance Opt-In

Sales Page

High End Funnels

Membership Sites

 Clients feedback:
Basic YouTube Channel with Activate thumbnails
"Working with Ceanne was awesome. 
Quick and efficient."
  • Skills 4.0
  •  Quality 4.0
  •  Availability 4.0
  •  Deadlines 4.0
  •  Communication 4.0
  •  Cooperation 4.0
- Upwork Client
Video Website
"Ceanne is very excellent at what she does."
  • Skills 5.0
  •  Quality 5.0
  •  Availability 5.0
  •  Deadlines 4.0
  •  Communication 5.0
  •  Cooperation 5.0
- Upwork Client
Coaching & Online Web Development 
  • Ceanne is unique in that she owns who she is and has a clear picture of what she believe in.
  • She attracts people who desire an authentic connection with  a desire to grow
  • - Angie W
Website & Marketing Development 
Ceanne and I have worked together for almost 2 years now. She is dependable and very creative. If you're looking for a new web site contact Ceanne!!!
- Gwynne P. - Real Estate Investor, Texas
Coaching & Support
Ceanne Livingston Johnson is so helpful. Thank you for adding me to your group. Your tips have been great and I appreciate all the attention and encouragement you have given me. You rock Ceanne!

Val S. - Worship Leader, Washington 
Coaching & Support
Ceanne has found her passion: Taking care of her health and motivating others to do the same. No matter what challenges you face, you will find the tools and support needed to succeed. 

- C.J.
Coaching & Support
I love Ceanne's heart and positive motivation as well as her heart and passion to see people healthy on all levels.
- Melissa R. - YMCA Youth Advocacy, WA
Coaching & Support
Ceanne is authentic, loyal, creative, positive and loving, she has a passion for motivating others, which is contagious.
She is great at working with small business owners and individuals. Someone who is seeking a more personal approach.
- Rochelle B - Finance Specialist, KS 

Coaching & Online Support
Ceanne relates well with others and has a very incredible walk with the Lord. 

She is grounded and always moving forward. She is a great listener and that makes her an unique health coach. What makes her great is all of the knowledge she has to help others.
- Julia B, Certified Health Coach, IN
hire me today to build a high quality funnel for you 
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